Privacy Terms

Data Security

  1. Data Handling:
    • The “Bitbucket Squash Button” plugin collects and processes minimal user data necessary for its functionality.
    • User data, including authentication credentials, is securely stored and encrypted using industry-standard protocols.
    • The plugin does not store any user data outside of the Bitbucket Server environment.
  2. Access Controls:
    • The plugin utilizes Bitbucket Server’s built-in authentication and access controls for user authentication.
    • User access is limited to authorized individuals with appropriate permissions.

Privacy Statement

  1. Data Collection:
    • The “Bitbucket Squash Button” plugin collects and processes user account information, such as usernames, email addresses, and activity logs, solely for the purpose of plugin functionality.
    • No personally identifiable information (PII) beyond what is necessary for the plugin’s operation is collected or stored.
  2. Third-Party Services:
    • The “Bitbucket Squash Button” plugin does not share any user data with third parties.
  3. Data Retention:
    • The plugin retains user data for the duration necessary to fulfill its intended functionality.
    • Upon uninstallation or removal of the plugin, all associated user data is permanently deleted.